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Save your trademark application by submitting a proper response to an office action issued by the intellectual property office.

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Has your trademark been rejected?

When applying for a trademark, the examiner might issue an office action and dismiss your application on various grounds, ranging from mere formalities to more complex issues. We can help you prepare and submit a properly formulated response and improve your chances of saving your trademark.

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What can be done about an office action?

The approach to resolving non-final office actions will depend on the nature of the issue. Below you can find some of the standard resolution tactics we also employ.

Administrative errors

These minor issues are usually quickly resolved. They might require correcting the intended owner's details or submitting an additional form to the examiner.

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Lack of distinctiveness

If the IPO considers the mark not distinct enough, the solution might involve collecting evidence proving that the mark has "acquired distinctiveness through use".

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Likelihood of confusion

In case the IPO suspects a likelihood of confusion with an already existing trademark, you can limit the list of goods and services or approach the third party and propose a co-existence agreement.

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How it works?

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  • Preparation and submission

    If you choose us as your representatives, we will prepare a proper response to the office action and submit it to the authorities on your behalf.

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