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We're lawyers and tech enthusiasts who joined forces to bring 21st-century technology to the world of law. Our aim is to reshape brand protection and provide access to quality & affordable trademark registration services.
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Meet the team

Igor Demcak

Founder & Trademark Attorney

Martina Ninajova

Head of Legal

Marek Krizka

US Attorney & Legal Mind

Adrianna Zatonska

Legal Mind

Jan Dohnal

Legal Mind

Photo of Jan Buza
Jan Buza

Head of Business Development

Photo of Andrej Skok
Andrej Skok


Photo of Peter Marcely
Peter Marcely

Head of Customer Success

Our story

April 2020

Trama is born

December 2020

1,000+ trademarks screened milestone

February 2021

Trama registered over 100 trademarks in one month

July 2021

1,000+ trademarks registered milestone

September 2021

Trademark monitoring service launched

October 2021

Trademark management portal launched

September 2022

Trama registered over 500 trademarks in one month

Our recipe for modern legal services

Strong technological vision

"Technology" is not just a buzzword to us. We use our competency to identify areas of legal practice that can be optimized to the benefit of our clients.

The improvements we have introduced include filing through APIs, automatic drafting tool, and more, allowing our lawyers to cut down on the manual part of their work and focus on what matters most - providing clients with their legal expertise.

Half human brain circuit board AI

The human touch

We understand every brand is unique and want to give each of them the individual treatment they deserve.

We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled support that guides our clients through the complex field of intellectual property and helps them protect the no.1 asset of their business.

Where to find us?

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477 Madison Avenue

New York 10022

What our clients say?

Let us watch over your brand so it can thrive