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Igor is the founder and CEO of Trama. As an experienced attorney and a technology enthusiast, he dedicated his career to bringing the 21st century to the world of law. As a CEO himself, he understands the priorities of the entrepreneurs his company serves.

In his free time, Igor likes running, biking and spending time with his family and friends.


Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, SK

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chile crunch

April, 20245 minutes read

The Chile Crunch Trademark Dispute: Navigating Trademark Rights and Cultural Heritage

A recent trademark dispute over the term "chile crunch" has brought to light complex issues surrounding intellectual property rights, cultural heritage, and the dynamics between large corporations and small businesses. This case, involving Momofuku Goods and several independent food brands, sheds light on the numerous challenges of trademark protection in the context of culturally significant products.

Trademark Registration in the US

April, 20245 minutes read

Understanding Well-Known Trademarks: Key Requirements and Advantages

Trademarks serve as vital assets for businesses, acting as distinct identifiers that protect the integrity and value of their brands. However, not all trademarks receive equal protection under the trademark law. While regular trademarks offer fundamental safeguards, well-known trademarks enjoy enhanced levels of protection and recognition across various jurisdictions. Understanding the differences between these two types of trademarks is essential for businesses seeking to secure their intellectual property and establish a strong market presence.

ukipo cover

April, 20245 minutes read

Understanding 5 Most Common Reasons for Trademark Registration Refusal in the United Kingdom

Trademark registration is a critical step for businesses looking to protect their brand identities in the United Kingdom. Every year, numerous enterprises submit trademark applications to secure legal rights for their symbols, logos, and brand names. However, a considerable number of these applications face rejection due to various factors assessed by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). Business owners who wish to maximize their chances of successful registration should be aware of these common pitfalls people make when submitting their application.

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