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“WebSell is an all-in-one platform, meaning that we handle everything when getting businesses online. We have big plans for the brand so securing a trademark for our new name in various territories was essential.” Read the full story of WebSell, another satisfied client of Trama, from the perspective of Cillian McGillycuddy, marketing manager at WebSell.


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WebSell: All-in-one platform for getting businesses online

In 2021, online retail sales accounted for 19.6% of all global sales and this figure is expected to increase even further up to 24.5% within the next 3 years [1]. With the growing prominence of e-commerce, the shift from brick-and-mortar stores towards online and omni-channel retail strategies continues. The team behind WebSell has over 15 years of experience in transforming retail outlets into e-commerce and omni-channel stores, simplifying this potentially daunting process for its clients.

“WebSell began life as NitroSell over 15 years ago as the omni-channel e-commerce platform with a difference. We create e-commerce websites that connect directly to brick-and-mortar stores. WebSell retailers use the existing data in Point of Sale or ERP systems to power their online stores. Our mission was to develop an e-commerce platform for independent retailers that let them save time and money by integrating all their retail systems together.”

“WebSell is an all-in-one platform, meaning that we handle everything when getting businesses online. We create the website design in consultation with the customer and connect the site to the user’s in-store Point of Sale system. This gives the customer much more options for customization and integration. Rather than tell the customer what they will need to have, we listen to what the customer wants, and try and make it happen. Whether that’s integrating to a specific payment gateway or a custom site design request.”

Website creation and online integration is merely a start for the long-lasting relationship of WebSell with its clients. The digital world introduces its own challenges and opportunities, and it is the goal of WebSell to walk its clients through the transition and ongoing development.

“WebSell also offers retailers the services they need to succeed online too, we don’t just set up their store and leave them to it. WebSell works on marketing projects in areas like email marketing, PPC, social media, and more with our retailers to help them sell more online. Our retailers can add-on items to their monthly subscription depending on what they want to work on. We’re also proud of our support team where retailers can get a response from a real person about their issues whenever they want. Unlike other e-commerce platforms where new retailers are often left to their own devices and become lost, we help you through the e-commerce journey and ensure you understand how to manage your web store before handing over the keys.”

Brand protection as a priority

When trying to explain the benefits of trademark registration, we often ask our clients a simple question - how would you feel if your direct competitor started placing your brand on their products and services? The potential effects of brand infringement could be devastating as it is the brand that communicates the value, quality and trust to the consumers.

“We rebranded from NitroSell to WebSell in late 2021 and pursued brand protection as a priority when launching our new name and look to the world. We have big plans for the brand so securing a trademark for our new name in various territories was essential. The rebrand had been on the cards for a few years. When we were acquired by Volaris Group in 2021 we moved forward with the rebrand and looked at securing the brand name. A few Google searches for our name in other territories returned some results matching other businesses so we jumped at the chance to trademark as soon as we could.”

Experience with Trama

“We had been aware of Trama’s work in the trademark space and was one of the companies we looked at when looking to trademark. I found the responsiveness and process for gathering our information to be the smoothest. The initial contact was positive and encouraging and Trama was confident in securing the trademark so we moved ahead with them.”

“Trama definitely simplified the trademark process. For our first trademark we dealt with a traditional law firm and the legal terminology can be a bit daunting in the initial stages. Working with Trama they handled all that for us and just let us know what the status of the application was. It was a seamless process.”

[1] Statista (2022), “E-commerce as percentage of total retail sales worldwide”, available from:

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